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Dear GCA Members,

This month begins a new feature and, as we say above, it is the “Members Q & A”. Each month we will bring you an interesting question or two from our members, and our answers to those questions. Remember to check out the discussion boards on your members only website at, and the “Ask the Pros” board. Just because YOU didn’t ask the question doesn’t mean you can’t learn from the answer! So, let’s get started with this month’s question.

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—– Original Message —–

members QA Hello the camp! I noted the use of you make your vise in several GunTech videos. I am in the process of building a new bench for my in-door loading/cleaning/fixing/hide-out lair — I mean gun room. I can see a benefit to making the vise mobile instead of fixed. Given I use it for run-of-the-mill stuff and such (not barrel changes, action tweaks or walnut crushing), do you advocate such a mobile arrangement, or do you do it to simplify set design and use your own toys? In a similar vein, is the carpet on the bench for beautification or does it add value in trapping those critters that try to get away from you–springs, clips (used ‘ta call ’em ‘Jesus clips’–can I still get away with that?), detent balls and same such? While I am not yet decided on carpet, I have a bolt of heavy felt used for lining car trunks (I use it on gun safe shelves) that I think would work well. Thanks, in advance, for your advice.

Mike Webb, Arizona

Ps: I want to take your Cap ‘n’ Ball to cartridge conversion of the ’51 Navy Colt with the R&D kit another step with barrel liners in .357. Can you advise where to obtain same? All my on-line queries ended up with garbage bags, or .22 liners from Midway.

Thanks for the info. If you’re interested, I’ll send you pics of the bench when it’s done. thxn regards mw

Dear Mike,

The thick “Berber” carpet cover is to allow the removal of pins on the bench w/o resorting to bench blocks. It also captures pins and springs, almost eliminating our practicing the “Gunsmith Crawl” on company time. We don’t have the vises bolted down. This is to simplify the filming. All of our shop vises are bolted down. You can use the small C-clamp vises from Forster, Dremel, or Harbor Freight/Enco/Rutland to work in the kitchen or TV room.

The only source I know for .357 liners is R&D Gunshop at: The other alternative is to get a .357 barrel from another handgun or rifle (John Bush has some really nice .357 barrels, diameter ~ .700, at a super price. Email and turn it down to the same diameter as the liner drill you are using (available from Brownells, etc.).

Jack Landis, AGI

PS: we’ll be looking forward to “The Rest of the Story” and pictures.

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